Landlord Representation

Finding the right retail tenant in a world full of retailers can be daunting and requires far more than leasing expertise. It’s an exacting process that demands the proper attention and knowledge every step of the way. Our in-house marketing and graphic departments are skilled at developing materials which speak to the heart and mind of the appropriate audience. This helps simplify the selection process by attracting reputable, well-qualified prospective tenants.

Early in your relationship with Zelnik & Company, an integrated marketing program will be developed which utilizes a broad variety of media placement, highly visible displays and telemarketing to more targeted search-and-display direct mail and internet listings. Our primary focus is retail leasing in the tri-state area, and we have in-depth knowledge of all the nuances that are in play as the lease negotiation process moves forward.

As you know, a good retail lease agreement benefits all the parties involved and helps you attract additional tenants of the preferred caliber: By associating your organization with Zelnik & Company, you show prospective tenants you appreciate the value that integrity and trust can bring to building long-term business relationships.

Tenant Representation

The decision to enter the New York metro market for the first time or to expand an existing presence requires an investment of time and effort long before a dollar exchanges hands. The expert counsel you receive from Zelnik & Company provides the clarity you need to choose the best site for your organization.

Whether you need a single location in Soho, multiple sites throughout Manhattan and the city’s major commuter centers or a 200,000 square-foot flagship location in the heart of midtown; our commitment to thorough preparation, attention to detail and exhaustive due diligence have a positive impact on the entire leasing process.

Market Analysis

We utilize both qualitative and quantitative tools such as computerized demographic models, foot traffic tracking and comparative property valuations.

Site Selection

Our proprietary site evaluation tools simplify property comparisons, helping to narrow the possibilities from the thousands down to the select few that best meet your criteria.

Lease Negotiation Representation

You can be confident Cory Zelnik will represent your organization expertly, bringing his years of experience and insightful market knowledge to the table on your behalf.

Due to the impeccable reputation Cory Zelnik has built for himself over the course of his career and his commitment to growth and personal integrity, retailers can be confident in his ability to represent them in like fashion. His transactional experience along with his personal values have yielded a long list of deals and associations with the top professionals in the field. He has done the networking retailers require to be assured they will approach the negotiating table with expert representation.

Our unique processes and team environment allow us to present you with the best opportunities possible while …allowing you to focus on running your business